NGO's / MFI's Role

We associate with NGOs/ MFIs and Co-operatives registered under one of the following Acts:-

  •  Societies Act of various states.
  • Trust Act.
  • Under Section 25 of companies Act.
  • Cooperative Societies registered under the state / Central cooperative Acts / Model Acts. 
  • Nonbanking financial companies.


The role of the partner organization is to explain the details of the scheme to their beneficiaries and to encourage them to voluntarily become members. The membership fee is collected by the NGO and deposited in the Health Benefit Fund account maintained by the Health Trust. NGO keeps in touch with recognized hospitals and members.  NGO recommends for payment of special benefits such as due to death of member etc. directly payable to the members. NGO gives feedback and suggestions to SAS from time to time about the smooth implementation of the scheme.