Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits

Period of healthcare benefit

The limit is available for one year from the date of becoming member of the scheme.  The membership can be renewed before one month of the date of expiry of the membership. 

Free Health Camps

SAS conducts a minimum of two free health camps in a year in selected districts. The camps reach out to members as well as non-members in the districts covered by the beneficiary organizations. The camps enable the members to avail of basic health check-up at their doorstep and identify health issues in a timely fashion.


Membership Eligibility

  • She/he is a present beneficiary or likely to be beneficiary of the NGO/MFI.
  • His/her age is between 6 months to 65 years.
  • He/she does not have any disease/ deformity by birth and
  • She/he has understood the scheme details and is voluntarily agreeable to pay the membership fee per year.